Ski Barre

 Beginner Barre:  For newer students or post surgery.

 Bunny Hill: For the new mom, a chance to get a great workout in and spend time with your baby.

 Ski Barre: Our signature class targeting each muscle of the body. Blast classes available.

 Barre Yoga: Perfect combination of all your favorite barre exercises followed by yoga. Hot classes available.

 Level 2: For the extreme athlete who wants to take barre to the next level.

 Arms and Abs: An intense class geared toward core and upper body strength.

 Barre Cardio: For the extreme athlete. A combination of cardiovascular exercises and your favorite barre moves. Blast classes available.

Blast Classes – the same 1 hour workout squeezed into 45 minutes with minimal stretching

H  – Hot Classes



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Westbank Dance

Our new winter semester of classes run for 8 weeks beginning the week of January 8th.

West Bank Dance is a program that offers quality dance training to children ages 4-5 years old. We offer classes in beginner ballet.

West Bank Dance is designed to teach your child in a caring, compassionate, and creative atmosphere.

Our teaching staff are highly trained dance professionals with a passion for working with kids and sharing their love of dance.



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