Ski Barre Schedule

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7:45-8:45amSki BarreRachel Kantor
9:00-10:00amLevel IIRachel Kantor
10:30-11:30amSki Barre BasicRachel Kantor
12:00-12:45amBarre Cardio 45Rachel Kantor
Tuesday ClassesTeacher
7:00-8:00amLevel IIHannah McGhee
8:15-9:15amSki BarreHannah McGhee
9:30-10:30amBarre Cardio Laurie Harris
10:45- 11:45am SculptHannah McGhee
12:00-12:45pmBarre 45Rachel Kantor
7:45-8:45amLevel IIHannah McGhee
9:00-10:00amSki Barre Hannah McGhee
10:30-11:30amStretch and Restore YogaLindsay Shaw
12:00-12:45pmMixxedFit™Rebecca Ryan
1:30-2:30Arms and AbsRachel Kantor
Thursday ClassesTeacher
7:00-8:00amLevel IIRachel Kantor
8:15-9:15amSki Barre Rachel Kantor
9:30-10:30amArms and AbsRachel Kantor
10:45-11:45amCircuit TrainingHannah McGhee
12:00-12:45pmBarre 45Hannah McGhee
FridayClasses Teacher
7:45-8:45amSki Barre Hannah McGhee
9:00am-10:00amLevel IIHannah McGhee
10:30-11:30amSki Barre Basic Hannah McGhee
12:00-12:45pmBarre 45Hannah McGhee
8:15-9:15amSki Barre Hannah McGhee
9:30-10:30am Warm FlowHannah McGhee
9:00-10:00amLevel IIRachel Kantor
10:15-11:45amBarre + Yoga Rachel Kantor/ Lindsay Shaw